2013-07-07 08.08.16The Science of Adventure: The 2 am Principle

The majority of people believe that the most adventurous experiences of their lives occurred by random chance, but if that were true we would all have similarly exciting lives, and we don’t. This leads to the conclusion that there must be some underlying method that governs living an exciting, fun and remarkable life.

2013-12-05 03.22.30Jon Levy discovered exactly that. He realized that every adventure follows a four stage processes he calls the EPIC Model (Establish, Push boundaries, Increase, Continue), and each stage has specific characteristics that, when applied, make life exciting. In 2016 Levy, working with Regan Arts and Simon & Schuster, will release “The 2 am Principle,” a definitive chronicle on the science of adventure that combines The EPIC Model with scientific research and personal stories.

If you are interested in having Jon speak to your organization, school, or business about the science of adventure, please let us know here.